Automated Coatings new Order Requirements Guidelines (seen below) are designed to help our business partners know what information we need in order to complete their jobs correctly and in a timely manner. Please use these guidelines when requesting a quote and/or sending a job to us for processing. If you have any questions about any of the guidelines, please contact one of our Customer Service representatives. We hope that by educating our business partners on the need for this specific information, our business partnership can continue to grow and flourish. Order Requirements: 1. Title, Number, and Revision of Specification requested 2. Type, Class and Grade as required per Specification requested 3. Type and applicable hardness of base material 4. Detailed part drawing, if available 5. Permissible pretreatments, if other than specified 6. Thickness of plating, if other than specified 7. Significant surfaces, if required 8. Points of measurement, if required 9. Special packaging requirements 10. Lot acceptance testing, other than specified. AUTOMATED COATINGS, INC. Back  Home | About ACI | Certifications | Services | Photo Gallery | Quote | Contact Us  Copyright 2010 Automated Coatings Inc Website design by: Graphical Media Services Industrial, Commercial & Aerospace Applications, Mil-Spec Finishing, Conversion Coating, Anodizing, and Powdercoating