Back  Home | About ACI | Certifications | Services | Photo Gallery | Quote | Contact Us  Copyright 2010 Automated Coatings Inc Website design by: Graphical Media Services Liquid Applications Automated Liquid Lines Over 400’ of Linear Actuation Infrared Curing System Size Capacity 5 sq. ft. Ability to Process 1000’s of Components Two Opposing Spray Booths Large Spray Booth Measuring 40’ x 16’ x 20’ Drive-In Access Insulated and Ventilated Small Batch Spray Booths Each Measuring 30’ x 9’ x 16’ Gurneys to Accommodate any Component Shape Insulated and Ventilated Small Batch Ovens Several New-England Ovens Measuring 8’ x 6’ Racks to Accommodate and Component Shape Mapable Curing System 500 Degree F Max Temperature Specifications MIL-PRF-22750 Mil-DTL-53039 MIL-C-53039 MIL-DTL-15090 MIL-DTL-64159 MIL-PRF-85285 MIL-P-53022 MIL-PRF-23377 MIL-DTL-24441 MIL-P-53030 TT-P-1757 TT-P-645 DOD-P-15328 MIL-P-53030 Mil-PRF-85582 TT-E-529 Mil-DTL-53072 Mil-STD-186 Mil-F-18264 Dry Lube Mil-PRF-46010 Mil-L-46010 Mil-L-81329 Wash Prime DOD-P-15328 TT-C-490 Type III Customer Approvals Honeywell Northrop Grumman TCOM Raytheon Middle River Aircraft Systems L3 / SPD General Dynamics Boeing Powder Coatings Automated Powder Line Over 600’ of Linear Actuation Integrated Iron Phosphate Wash Integrated 500 degree Mapable Oven Ability to Process Components up to 5’ cubed Color and Texture Options Thousand of Custom and FED-STD-595 Colors Available Smooth to Textured Finish Matte, Semi-Gloss, Gloss Powdura®, TCI, Tiger Drylac, & Akzo Nobel Products Specifications MIL-PRF-24712 MIL-P-53022 The new state-of-the-art powder system, with 632' of conveyor, 3-stage washer and combo oven to 500 degrees, has a part size window ranging to 5' x 7' x 3'. A Gema Vortech spray booth offers reclaim capability for high efficiency, and both manual and automatic spray application. Penetrant Inspection Penetrant Inspection Line Type I Penetrant (Flourescent) Sensitivity Levels I, II, III, IV Nadcap NDT Certification NAS 410 Certified Personnel Climate-Controlled Workstation Specifications ASTM E1417 ASTM E165 MIL-STD-6866 MIL-I-6866 Customer Approvals Middle River Aircraft Systems Chemical Processing Pre-Treatment Line Anodize Chemical Conversion Coatings Passivate Zinc Phosphate Alkaline Cleaning Etching De-Ox Cleaning Specifications MIL-A-8625 MIL-C-5541 MIL-DTL-5541 TT-C-490 MIL-STD-171 ASTM-A380 AMS-2700 ASTM-A967 DOD-P-16232 AMS-QQ-P-35 MIL-DTL-81706 Customer Approvals Honeywell Northrop Grumman TCOM Raytheon Middle River Aircraft Systems L3 / SPD General Dynamics Boeing Industrial, Commercial & Aerospace Applications, Mil-Spec Finishing, Conversion Coating, Anodizing, and Powdercoating Part Marking Screen Printing M&R Printing Screen Transfer Machine Custom Frame Manufacturing Climate-Controlled Workstation All Colors Available Pad Transfer Stamping Madag MP 100 V CNC Machine Artwork Via Adobe® Illustrator Limitless Design Applications Close Tolerances Speed up to 60 Impressions per Minute Rubber Stamp Printing Custom Stamps Part identification Lacquer & Ink Fill Engraved Character Marking Varios Colr Options See photos of our parts and processes